10 pcs Rotary Burr Set

Irreplaceable set for cutting, shaping, grinding and removal of sharp edges on all metal, wooden and plastic materials. Eases your work and saves time and money with its durable design that will last for decades

  • Double cut burrs cut through metal like a knife through butter
  • Suitable for low density materials like plastic and aluminum
  • Made from tungsten carbide for long working life
  • Provides accurate centering for wood carving, engraving and polishing
"Jewelry store must have"
"The carbon burrs are great for soft materials like gold, silver and platinum. They drill precisely, without chipping and breaking which is crucial in jewelry workshops. The large selection replaces a whole toolbox."
"Great for wood"
"Extremely durable set - I've been using it for a long time and had no problems at all. With 10 different models I rarely use any other burr for carving and model making. I work with wood but have tested it on metal too. Highly recommended."
"Gets the job done faster"
"Quality bits that last long are not easy to find. This set was built with longevity in mind, that's a fact. The various cuts in the burrs provide high accuracy with considerably less waste on metal and most importantly when you work on a clock - the tasks are done faster."
"Long waited help for my DIY engineering projects"
"Fits great with pneumatic and electric drill. I like that the drilling is very accurate without damages and cracks on the material which is important as I'm on a tight budget. I like to experiment with DIY in my garage and this set is really handy for delicate metal work."